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When your dogs are your life. This guy sprang into action when a bear came out of nowhere and tried to attack his pups. Pooch Protection Level 💯🐶 — Best Videos 🎥🔞 (@CrazyFunnyVidzz) January 21, 2022

San Diego Man Sues Movie Studio, Claiming He Was Duped into Renting 2019 Film ‘Yesterday’ Oh! this is too funny. Imagine renting a movie and the actress you wanted to see in the movie ISN’T actually in the movie. Two San Diego men are suing Universal Pictures for this very reason. The actress Ana de […]

‘I’m 60 and sexy’: Jim Carrey celebrates milestone birthday WOW!! He doesn’t look a day over 47. Jim Carrey celebrated a milestone on Monday, his 60th birthday. He took to twitter saying he was feeling “60 and sexy”. He called himself “old but gold” and jokingly saying he’d spend the evening eating creamed corn and […]

Ka Hao is a New Zealand youth choir that formed in 2019. Coming from Te Tairāwhiti / Gisborne District, the group performs music in te Reo Māori. In 2020 the group won the Mana Reo Award at the 2020 Aotearoa Music Awards, as a part of the supergroup Mōhau Now the Te Tairāwhiti choir Ka […]

The Beijing Winter Olympics is set to take place from the 4th of February till the 20th. While it is still at least 2 weeks away, journalists are already at the venue setting up their gear. One thing that is freaking everyone out is how the food is prepared and served by robots, yes, ROBOTS. […]

VIDEOS LIKE THIS JUST MAKE MY DAY Here is a random video that will make you laugh or gag. Why are people like this! Please excuse the language at the end of the video.

After an expensive trip to the vet, man learns his limping dog was only copying him out of sympathy Dogs are really man’s best friend. In an incredible display of affection and sympathy, a dog imitates his injured owner and goes viral. The pair became famous on social media after the owner shared the heartwarming […]

Why is everything a kind of milk now? Gone are the days of good old Dairy it seems, with every Vegetable, Mineral and nut having some sort of Milk equivalent. And now the new up and crawling “Milk” is, brace yourself if you’re squirmish around the creepy crawlies. Cockroach Milk!!   Because Cockroach Milk is […]

The Year Is 2017. I am watching the Season 9 final of Rupauls Drage. She cule vs Sasha velour had to lipsync for the crown, to Whitney Houston – So Emotional. It seemed as if She cule had it in the bedazzled bag. But just then Sasha velour starts pulling what i can only describe […]

Did Britney Spears Shade Jamie Lynn’s Book (Again)??? See The Evidence! Oh! Snap! We are here for all the SHADE Britney is throwing at her sister. YASSSS!!! So Jamie-Lynn’s book “Things I should have said” comes out next week. Jamie was promoting her book on Good morning America and she spoke about a few things including her […]