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You’ve probably heard about all the hype surrounding the VT1S concert that happened early this month. For those of us who were unable to attend, we lived the concert vicariously through the live feeds, snaps and stories of friends and family that were present. I bet you’ve even been searching high and low for great […]

Get hitched or call it quits? Couples put their love to the test — while shacking up with other potential matches — in a provocative reality series. Netflix has a brand new social experiment or potential dating disaster heading our way in just a month. The show called “The Ultimatum: Marry Me or Move On” […]

Season 1 combined all the best parts of Pride & Prejudice and Gossip Girl. It quickly became Netflix’s biggest hit ever, with 82 million households watching the show in its first month. For context, that’s not far off the Super Bowl (around 100 million households per year) and if you binge-watched Season 1, then you need to […]

The Eurovision Song Contest, sometimes abbreviated to ESC and often known simply as Eurovision, is an international songwriting competition organised annually by the European Broadcasting Union, featuring participants representing primarily European countries. This year is a bit different as they have banned a particular country from taking part, and that’s none other than Russia, due […]

The 4th track from VT1s Taqaniika has been gaining traction with local music lovers for a while now and with the release of the music video yesterday that looks certain to continue. The Magic Factory produced video has already received over 11,000 views in 12 hours.

Now as if this year couldn’t get any better, a few movie trailers for 2022 just dropped! Two of them are Doctor Strangers in the Multiverse of Madness and The Lord of The Rings- Ring of Power. Fans that have followed this franchise are losing their minds (myself included). In Doctor Strangers in the Multiverse […]

A movie that was released back in 2018 but is just now making waves online, if you love your horror/sci-fi movies then this is for you. Starring Natalie Portman as a biologist and a former soldier who leads a team into a quarantined zone, before you ask why she’s also investigating the disappearance of her […]

I don’t know much about NFL football, let alone the Super Bowl history. I do know that it’s a big deal and the Super Bowl Halftime Show is no different. This year lineup for the Super Bowl Halftime show has me excited like a kid on Christmas morning. The Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show will […]

Pillow fighting is now a PROFESSIONAL sport Pillow fights have moved from the room to the ring. Pillow fighting is now recognised a professional combat sport. That’s right. The first Pillow Fight Championship was held over the weekend in the US. You have to see it to believe it.

How long are you able to be without your phone? Believe it or not for this guy he has been without a phone since 2015. Yes, Ed Sheeran has been without a phone for 7 years. In a recent podcast this is what he shared “I got really, really overwhelmed and sad with a phone. […]