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Written by on March 19, 2024

Betty Chapau
Credit: ABC Pacific

Betty Chapau is a writer and poet from Manus Island province in Papua New Guinea, who was featured in the magazine Pasefika Presence, for her poem called A Love Letter. This incredible piece was actual love letter to the women in her life and celebrates women at different stages of their lives.

When she was in school, Betty’s report cards would always say that she talked too much.

In reality, she did have quite a lot to say.

Betty was secretly excited about essays set by her teacher. She said that through writing she could tap into my imagination and create the world in my head”.

Betty’s parents are both from Manus Island in Papua New Guinea but she grew up in Madang Province. Being away from these lands, her parents made sure she knew about their cultural traditions – many of which celebrated the women in the family.

Her recent poem, A Love Letter, was published online last year via, Pasefika Presence. It is an actual love letter to women at different stages of their lives.

It is a beautiful reflection on life, starting with a message to Drekein (a young girl) all the way to Sasim (a grandmother).

Betty Chapau pays tribute to her own grandmother through the poem saying: “As I’m getting older, my grandmother’s life is like my blueprint that I can follow. The life that I have is a testament to your legacy.”

Her words to young Pacific Islanders who wish to pursue the world of writing are: “You write from what you’re trying to say, what you want to express. Write from the heart.” 

Credit: ABC Pacific

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