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“My camera captured the aurora in all its glory. Mission accomplished!” The Southern Lights, or Aurora Australis, have been particularly vivid this season across New Zealand. Night skies erupting with green and pink light streams have entranced aurora hunters, with many staying up all night to get the perfect shot. “Faced with such a scene, […]

The glowing road markings use simple photoluminescent techniques used in children’s toys and the result is that road lines and marking can be seen much easier at night. The markings were tested on a 1km stretch of the Metong road outside Victoria, Australia and are part of 70 projects looking at making the area safer […]

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Two anti-fossil fuel protesters who were filmed throwing tomato soup on Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers” in a London gallery Friday have been charged with criminal damage offenses. The two young women from the campaign group Just Stop Oil threw the contents of two tins of Heinz tomato soup over the painting, which, the group said, has […]

A huge fan of body modification achieved their goal of becoming a ‘genderless dragon ‘ says they now miss their old life as a city banker. Tiamat Legion Medusa went to very extreme lengths to achieve their dream look, covering their body in tattoos, implanting horns into their head, and splitting their tongue in half. […]

There are reasons why our technology is so advanced in this day and age and this is the reason right here! Check out these portraits done by a digital artist using AI to show what celebrities who passed away young would look like today. Click the link below.   View this post on Instagram A […]

  For the love of art! At least 72 objects that were taken from the Kingdom of Benin, the capital of Edo State in southern Nigeria, during a British military operation in February 1897 were stolen and taken to the United Kingdom as “spoils of war. The decision comes as a victory for Nigeria and […]

Well not physically. As sensitive as times are with the current Russia- Ukraine War, a sculpture of Vladimir Putin appeared in a play ground in New Yor’s Central park. This was done by artist, Colomina. Colomina is known for placing signature red art at random places all over the world.       View this […]