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Author: Alex Elbourne

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This is a very short video but this dog is rocketing in to the house. Rumour has it very Fijian high schools are trying to recruit it for the Coke Games. Watch to see what this dog is running from

A group of neighborhood kids came together to help teach a little boy how to ride his bike. The boy’s mom captured the footage.

We always wonder whenever we see videos of sloths, how are they still around? Some morning sloth cuteness right here.

What if you woke up one night and you were in bed with some big cats. Literally.

Check out this video of how elaborately far some of these scammers are going to steal credit cards. This is overseas but you have to wonder how long before it gets to Fiji.

We don’t know why but this video is so fascinating.

This video is from some years ago but that magical moment when a baby with hearing problems hears for the first time is such a beautiful moment.  

This is really scary.

Heleina Young, who is currently studying in Australia and still one of the fastest Fijian women around has, like her counterpart Younis Bese recently taken up rugby. Check out her first ever highlight reel below where she’s tearing up the field in this game

Unsurprisingly, it does not go well for him. While we do think the Chinese authorities in this video did get a bit too physical what exactly did this privileged guy think would happen?