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Author: Alex Elbourne

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There are some truly talented people around. Check this guy out.

Let’s hope our drivers in Fiji don’t try the same because like Russell Peters said “somebody gonna get a hurt real bad”.  

You could say CGI looks better but there’s something genuine about old-school special effects!    

The internet truly doesn’t rest. Legends, what do you think of this? It is an old video of Will Smith making fun of someone with alopecia, the same condition his wife has and what caused him to slap Chris Rock.

Oof! We felt this in our currently very empty pockets.

These kids are going hard! This is next level.  

Just watching this is making us feel tired

In case you missed the game last night or just want to rewatch what was an epic contest, here it is:

It’s all about the aerodynamics right?

This guy knows his physics.