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Author: Alex Elbourne

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Here you go Legends, as mentioned on LegendFM Breakfast here is the music video. It is awesome!

This is a very scary sight especially for the people just minding their business waiting for a bus.  

This is from one of the world’s deepest pools in Italy. We’re amazed and to be honest, getting a little anxious just watching this.

It’s kinda freaky how they show up out of nowhere. Also, watching chickens actually fly feels strange!

For some reason this is so satisfying to watch. It seems like something straight out of a science fiction movie!

I’m not crying, someone is just cutting onions in here! Check out this video of the very special wedding from a bride to her new husband on their wedding day.

Watch till the end and you’ll see why her saying “If it hits 50 I’m literally blowing up this car” is pretty ironic!

Well, not really. While we did have a little chuckle at this video, it does show just how messed up America is.

Check out this video of Robert Irwin, son of the later Aussie naturalist Steve Irwin. We have been following his career for a few years and he strikes us an honestly good bloke!

WATCH this and tell us we’re wrong. It does seem like SOME Americans have a very unique, to put it as tactfully as possible, way of seeing the world.