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Author: Alex Elbourne

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If you ever visit a country that has bears, apparently this is how you survive a bear attack, or at least a bear deciding if it should attack you. Why does it seem so oddly terrifying?

Picture this, you just finished drinking grog and now you’re shambling home like a grog doped zombie at 2am. You come around the corner and see this: How do you react?

Real-life ninja!

What if the people who had to pick litter in Fiji did this?

This is probably the cutest thing you’ll see today. Labrador puppies learning how to swim!

Meanwhile all we know how to do on the piano is whack the keys. This kid is so talented

Check out this dog. When we say he can go, he can gooooooo!

The pushups ON THE WATER had us shook!  

We would have thought the basic rule of being a criminal is to check your surroundings very carefully. Apparently, no one told main boy here

Well, at least they’re being very helpful