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Author: Alex Elbourne

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From criticizing the Flying Fijians for Semi Radradra wearing different shoes, of all things, in the lead up to the Rugby World Cup To being critical of their singing To a grudging bit of praise damned with criticism of the actions at falekau And of course his utter effusiveness when we do win There is […]

It is amazing how young they both are in this but also, how even then you could see how talented Britney and Justin are. We will say, those backup singers are bringing all the 90s cringe.

We try not to get too critical of other people but sometimes people really do get what they deserve. In this case, a so called “prankster” pretends to be robbing someone who is just minding their own business.

In what promises to be a titanic clash between the Pacific brothers, the battleground of Fortress Churchill is being prepared. Our CFL Drua coverage team are there. The Drua equipment managers are also hard at work getting the boys change room ready and laying out their jerseys And on a more light-hearted note, how about […]

We’ve all been desperate for fresh air at some point but this is taking things a bit too far. The plane was decending and at 700 feet a passenger opened the door. How anxious did this video make you?

Meet 18 year old Jasmine Daunakamakama, one of Fiji’s few female boxers.  After training seriously for about five years, the 18-year-old recently had her first professional fight in the super lightweight category. According to Daunkamakama when asked why she chose boxing, a sport normally not associated with women in Fiji she states that loves the […]

We just came across this video on Twitter (by the way when you have some time feel free to follow us on Twitter @LegendFM) of the King of Pop and his career from start to finish. What an amazing musical icon Jackson was!   Bonus Michael Jackson fact: Michael Jackson was once crowned King of […]

Yes. you read that correctly. 60 minutes and earning $48 million FJD The occasion was the grand reveal of the new Atlantis The Royal in Dubai. It is one of the most exclusive hotels in the world with rooms going for as $100,000 USD a night. The concert was equipped with fireworks, an orchestra of 48 […]

It’s an even worse idea when he’s built like a house and you’re built like a toy house. It feels like the lesson here should be: PICK YOUR BATTLES WISELY.

This HAS to be one of the craziest stories of all time. In 2018, an English freelance author named Oobah Butler was getting paid as much as $13 per review for writing fake reviews for restaurants for the website TripAdvisor After doing all the necessary things to register, The Shed at Dulwich was born! Butler […]