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The world really does seem to get stranger and stranger. Check out this video of a grown man assaulting a child.  

  Theme for 2021: Digital Generation. Our Generation The International Day of the Girl Child focusesĀ attention on the need to address the challenges girls face and to promote girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights. At the World Conference on Women in Beijing IN 1995 , the need for an event focused on […]

People from around the world pay lots of money to be able to see what we have right in our own backyard. Got reminded of this again over the weekend I managed to have a few hours with some friends and it was all that was needed to reset from the week and get ready […]

Wrestler, Actor, businessman, and now Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson can also add 'Rapper' next to his name. In a release, that pretty much flew under everyone's radar, Johnson, featured in a verse for Tech9ne's new single "Face Off", joined by Joey Cool and King Iso. Johnson is said to have written his own verse which [...]

A woman on a paddleboard was surprised beyond words when a gigantic whale swam up under her and started to interact with her. She stays very calm throughout the whole thing, we don’t think we would have done the same.  

Is Jessica Chastain the new go-to female lead for action movies? Seems like it as her last movie Ava was also an action flick. In The 355 she is joined by other women not afraid to get their hands dirty in a scrap. Here’s a synopsis of the film: When a top-secret weapon falls into […]

The much anticipated Adele album which will be titled 30, continuing the trend of the singer naming her albums after her age still has no release date but there is a lot of talk about the album and what it means. The now 33-year-old Adele explains that the album tries and help her 9-year-old son […]

The reason why September by Earth Wind & Fire is in a league of its own. After watching them breakdown this song I’m just mindblown at all the elements that go into making this song what it is.

The original movie was a huge success around the world when it came out in 2000. During an interview for his latest movie, The Duel, Ridley Scott, let slip that the sequel for Gladiator has already been written. When asked when we can expect it he said: It’s already written. It will follow Napoleon. The […]

  When it comes to scary movies there are a couple of things it needs to get right to qualify as good. These are: Jump Scares – Unexpected thing happens on screen The light factor – Are the lights on or off during the viewing of said film Moral Support – Do you need someone […]