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Author: Lola Narawa

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When going to a salon you expect to get a full treatment done without any hiccups right? In a dramatic turn of events, a hairdresser has taken the phrase quite literally after a customer claimed she was left alone in the salon after all the employees locked the doors and decided to go home Her […]

Now its one thing to have a destination wedding and its an entirely different thing altogether to have your wedding at an extreme venue. This is something that is becoming a common practice right now globally. To name a few of these extreme venues we have the 1)Space Weddings- where you can exchange your vows […]

One of the most Iconic and loved Singer-songwriter and actress Olivia Newton John passed away this morning surrounded by family and friends. The four time Grammy winner and star of the movie musical Grease died of breast cancer at the age of 73. She first announced her diagnosis with breast cancer in May 2017. Leaving […]

‘Johnny Debt’_ Man dressed as Jack Sparrow begs on streets – Watch Viral Video Video viral of a beggar dressed as Jack Sparrow which has got him the name Johnny Debt. The guy is in a full costume as the famous Captain Jack Sparrow

So guess who got married on the weekend.  Yes you you guessed right Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. The couple announced their engagement earlier this year in April. Known to the world as Jennifer Lopez, JLo and – for a time – Jenny from the Block, at 52, the singer-actress has finally wed long-lost love […]

Imagine not having to drag your suitcase to and fro on the pane or on your travels because it literally handles itself. Well that is no longer just a figment of imagination cause that suitcase exists now. And its costs around$800 USD. If you’re an avid traveler this is just the suitcase for you . […]

We have all at one time received an invitation to an event or party which has said to RSVP. Now the question is do we all know the meaning of the term RSVP.  In honest truth I didn’t really know the meaning till I googled it today. Well if you’re like me and you didn’t […]

Makeup is used by all but mostly women . In the market today there is a wide range of makeup brands and lines to pick from. Now this here is a new one that’s being introduced by Korean skincare experts. Korean skincare has come to the forefront of skincare for its clever and innovative products. […]

So we have all heard of Boba Tea and all sorts of lattes and whatnot. But have you heard of Broccolatte? I know even the name sounds interesting and you must be curious about it as well. Well let me tell you more about it. The scientists at Australia’s chief research organization, CSIRO, created a […]

Fast-food is literally a huge part of our everyday lives. The way that its packaged and served also plays a huge role . Taco bell has opened up its new branch in Minneapolis that is just so futuristic in all aspects. Check it out in the video below. View this post on Instagram A post […]