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Author: Lola Narawa

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Traci Braxton, an actor, singer, and reality TV personality who starred in a show with her sisters, died of cancer Saturday, her family said. She was 50. “It is with the utmost regret that we inform you of the passing of our sister, Traci,” R&B star Toni Braxton said in a statement on Instagram. “Traci […]

If you eat a lot of sushi and sashimi, you’re probably pretty familiar with wasabi. What is wasabi, though, other than that dollop of green paste on the side of your plate? This Japanese staple actually has an interesting history that you may not be familiar with, and it’s one of our favorite bits of […]

Katy Perry will no longer have to pay $2.8m (£2.1m) to a rapper who said she stole his song on her hit Dark Horse. Marcus Gray sued Perry in 2014, saying she had plagiarised an eight-note riff from his track Joyful Noise. A jury agreed and awarded him the $2.8m payout, but a judge later […]

  Making her debut in 1940 as “The Cat” in DC Comics’ Batman #1, Catwoman has been, in her many guises over the past 80 years, either a super-villain or an anti-hero; Batman’s foil or his crime-fighting partner; his lover or his enemy. Originally modelled on 1930s sex symbols such as Jean Harlow, Catwoman was […]

Ed Sheeran has serenaded London’s High Court in an attempt to prove he did not copy portions of his 2017 hit Shape of You from another artist. The star is accused of lifting his song’s “Oh I, oh I, oh I” hook from Sami Chokri’s 2015 single Oh Why. In court, he sang elements of […]

Whether you spread them on toast for breakfast or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, “jam” and “jelly” can seem like interchangeable words for the same delicious fruit spread. If both were put on a spoon and taste-tested by 100 different people, the identifying results would probably turn out to be a jumbled, coagulated […]

It might be small—and mighty—but air fryers need their space. That’s because these mini convection ovens rely on a constant flow of air to move the high-temp heat around the food for all-over crispness. Make sure your air fryer has at least five inches of space on all sides, The Kitchn says. And keep it […]

To have ice cream, you need to have a way to keep it cold. And in the days before refrigeration, that meant you needed ice if you wanted chilled food. “It’s tough to pinpoint the origin of ice cream or even the ancestors of ice cream, but the general consensus is that in the ancient […]

What is sorbet? Sorbet is a frozen mixture of water, sweeteners, fruit juices/pulps, and even herbs such as thyme or basil. It can be enjoyed as a dessert or a palate cleanser to help taste buds switch gears and prepare for the next course. The best sorbets are hand-produced in small batches—just enough to last […]

Pork isn’t eaten on New Year’s Day only because it’s delicious—it is also thought to be good luck. The first reason for this goes back to the pig itself: In order to find food, pig roots going forward, according to Linda Pelaccio, a culinary historian and host of “A Taste of the Past” podcast. “It’s […]