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Author: Lola Narawa

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People with obsession’s are known to make a collection of the item that they are obsessed with. This one woman in the UK has become famous for her obsession with Perfumes. She has a huge collection of all sorts of perfumes. She admits to even wearing perfume to bed. Josephine, aka Jus De Rose, who […]

Body Modification has now become as normal as  breathing. People are getting body parts removed or adding attachments to their bodies. A body modification addict dubbed as the “Human Satan “has said he hopes to win the Guinness world record for “person with the most head modifications Tattoo artist Michel Praddo is notorious for his […]

At times dirt and grime can be a menace to your kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks, Leaving stains that are hard to scrub off . But apparently with this new hack using tomato sauce its as easy as 123. The viral hack is simple. Squirt the acidic condiment over the affected area, let it sit […]

When it comes to Fortune telling most of us are aware of the palm  reader and tarot readers but have you ever heard of an Aspramancer? Jemima Packington, who is the world’s only ‘Aspramancer’ and makes predictions based on how her asparagus tips land after throwing them in the air, has revealed what’s to come […]

Its never too early to start teaching your children the value of money. Mother of 4 Ashleigh Jade Le has gone a step further and charges her children whose ages range from 9,10,11&12 for their meals and internet Netflix subscription and even the water bill. The mum insists that if her children don’t make their […]

A Japanese man by the name Toco is living out his childhood dream as a dog. He spent $12,480 on a life sized collie costume. He explains that Collies are his favorite breed of dogs hence the reason he chose to be a collie. Toco has always dreamed of “becoming an animal” and now dresses […]

Imagine being so upset about your height that you spend $85.000 just to add on an extra 3 inches. Well that’s exactly what 38 year old Rich Rotella did. Rich Rotella, 38, stopped growing when he reached 5ft 5in and was fed up of being the smallest guy in all the group photos. He also […]

Aleksandra Sadowska went to get the whites of her eyes tattooed black in April 2017 at a studio in Warsaw, Poland, that she found online. At the time of the inking, she told local media that: “I’ve always wanted tattooed eyes, I thought they suited me.” But it was heard that the bungling tattooist – […]

His name is Musa Hasahya, 67, from Lusaka in Uganda. This is a place where polygamy is allowed. Musa has 12 wives and 102 children and 568 grandchildren. In a recent interview with local papers 67-year-old Hasahya revealed he has sent his 12 wives to go get on family planning and contraceptives. At Hasahya’s compound, […]

A woman has taken to the internet to express her disappointment in her partner of 2 years after he made a very weird request. She recently came into some inheritance after losing a family member. The woman was still very saddened and still in grieving but her partner was overjoyed. He already had so many […]