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Author: Lola Narawa

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Rappers are known to be notorious and most obnoxious at times. They love making fashion statements whether it be their outfits or hair . A certain Mexican rapper by the name of Dan Sur has done just that but with his hair. The rapper had gold chains implanted on his head to replace his real […]

According to scientists intelligent super hybrid pigs could pose a threat to humanity. Hybrid super pigs are a cross between a wild boar and domestic pigs . They can grow ass big as 285KG and have been known to eat smaller animals. Scientists also fear they could potentially harbour deadly diseases that would cause major […]

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a chronic mental health condition. A new mum spent 5 hours cleaning and bathing her children after she heard a voice in her head telling her that they were dirty. The mum-of-two began to suffer from intense low moods after the birth of her daughter Evelyn, now two, in February 2020. […]

Andrea Ivanova is known for having the worlds biggest lips. Now she has turned her attention to her cheekbones. Andrea Ivanova, 25, previously hit the headlines after revealing she had spent £8,000 on her voluptuous pout and she certainly has a unique look. Andrea said: “I want in addition to the biggest lips in the […]

A family of 6 in the UK have moved into a double decker bus to cut costs with rent and meet the cost of living. They bought the double decker for $2000 and it cost them less than $8000 to renovate. According to Conrad the father of four he says they were spending £1,350 on […]

A bride went looking for her groom 20 minutes before their wedding as his groomsmen couldnt find him as well. While searching the bride and her bridal party decided to check the bathrooms. Walking into the bathroom the bride was met with a sight that she never expected to see. She found her soon to […]

Dumpster diving is defined as salvaging from large commercial, residential, industrial and construction containers for unused items discarded by their owners but deemed useful to the picker. A lady in the UK feeds her family all 3 meals through dumpster diving. When asked about it. The lady replied that most food that are thrown out […]

Imagine having diet of only potato chips an dchocolates. A teenage boy left legally blind after years of eating nothing but crisps and chocolate has revealed how much damage has been done to his eyes. Harvey Dyer, 18, has severely damaged his eyesight after eating chips, Quavers, Wotsits and chocolate for every meal for 16 […]

Imagine being fired for being annoying. And no I’m not even joking. She explained that three complaints had come in over the past 18 months about a female employee, who had worked there for five years. Judith continued: “The complaints have been things like, she was eating loudly, she was talking incessantly and she had […]

Its an extremely rare phenemenon and very much real. 26 year old Odalis Martinez fell pregnant with her first baby on the last day of her menstrual cycle – before she conceived a second five days later. The mum-of-two was told by the ultrasound doctor babies, Lilo and Imelda, now one, were ‘measuring differently’ and […]