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Author: Lola Narawa

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Each morning at 9am a lone piper plays a selection of songs below the 73-year-old British monarch’s window for 15 minutes wherever they are present at one of the royal residencies. His Majesty’s Pipe Major Paul Burns played for the first time in the Clarence House garden as the King woke up in residence on […]

A family of seven abandoned their home due to war in Ukraine and made a journey to Europe and finally arrived in the UK. Starting life again with no money and not knowing the language can be daunting, and somehow Sir Rod’s now helping them out financially – what an incredible turn of events! Rod […]

During a  launch event in Draper University San Mateo California a group showcased a new car model that their working on. Which they also hope to be the first of its kind a electric car that also flies. Alef bills its still-in-development electric vehicle, the Model A, as the first true flying car – a […]

Mattel has launched Tina Turner barbie dolls to honour her “unmatched career of the “Queen of Rock ‘n Roll”. The doll is wearing a mini dress, denim jacket that have been all inspired by her outfit from her iconic music vide of “What’s Love Got To Do With It”. The Barbie’s got her signature ’80s […]

When planning holidays now. people no longer want to go to destination with a beach setting or one with just picturesque views . More and more people want to experience something either then living in a hotel room. Themed holiday destinations are becoming a major hit in the tourism industry because of this. And surprisingly […]

Several key members of the British Government and friends of the monarchy have aired their grievances on the popular Netflix TV series “The Crown”. Figures including former Prime Minister Sir John Major as well as other friends of King Charles have condemned the latest series of the royal drama, especially as it’s released so soon […]

The Alaska snow crab harvest has been canceled for the first time ever after billions of the crustaceans have disappeared from the cold, treacherous waters of the Bering Sea in recent years. The Alaska Board of Fisheries and North Pacific Fishery Management Council announced last week that the population of snow crab in the Bering […]

If you’re a huge fan of the TV series Game of Thrones well here’s the thing.   Satellite TV network USDish will pay a sci-fi buff $2,000 to binge-watch popular fantasy shows and rewrite the end to “Game of Thrones.” The candidate will have 30 days to complete the task. Afterward, they’ll have to rate […]

Now there is a first for everything and today was the first for me to hear about flesh tunnels. 27 year old James Gross hold the Guinness Record book title of the most flesh tunnels on a human body. James, from Bedford, Bedfordshire, has always been a fan of flesh tunnels and started getting the […]

A huge fan of body modification achieved their goal of becoming a ‘genderless dragon ‘ says they now miss their old life as a city banker. Tiamat Legion Medusa went to very extreme lengths to achieve their dream look, covering their body in tattoos, implanting horns into their head, and splitting their tongue in half. […]