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Author: Lola Narawa

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A potentially world record-breaking monster toad has been found that’s six times the average size – and dubbed ‘Toadzilla’. The cane toad is so big wildlife rangers suspected it was fake after coming across it in a north Australian rainforest. The 2.7kg amphibian was removed from the wild. The current Guinness World Record for the […]

If you were told to dye your hair or not attend a siblings wedding would you dye your hair? A woman born with a patch of white hair was asked by her brother to die the patch or not attend his wedding. a 20-year-old woman explained she was born with a “rare condition” which means […]

Imagine having to wear ear plugs all the time in your own house. That is exactly what this woman has to endure on a daily basis as her neighbor’s are too loud. She wears ear plugs all the time she’s home because her neighbors children are too loud. According to the woman the kids are […]

Sisters Emma Rose McNairn and Sarah Davies set up their business 3 years ago. Their family business is at risk of collapse after the world’s biggest luxury watch firm Rolex demanded they rebrand everything. Devon sisters, Emma Ross-McNairn and Sarah Davies, set up Oyster&Pop from home three years ago, selling £20 colorful wall clocks to […]

Her name is Monique Lukens and she is extremely cheap. She is a substitute teacher in Los Angeles and earns $2,400 fortnightly. From that $2,400 she chooses to live on only $600. Her partner has grown weary of her cheap life style and plans to leave her. One of the main reasons is because she […]

Have you ever washed your hair and wondered if you’re doing it right? A hairdresser has come out to address the proper hair washing method and says people have been doing it wrong. According to the hairdresser you should not put shampoo on every inch of your locks. She says the correct way to wash […]

Angela McPherson found herself on a therapist couch while trying to get a sense of direction in her romance life. The divorcee had never met ­therapist Derek McGillivray before, but felt drawn to his warmth and was comfortable in his presence, as if she’d known him for a long time. The therapist/hypnotist put her into […]

Imagine you’re invited to a wedding and you’re asked to bring your own food would you still go? That’s exactly what this couple overseas did. One couple saved around £8,000 ($10,000) on their wedding by asking friends to bring their own food and shopping second-hand in charity shops instead of buying new. Bride Shelby Phelps, […]

He was 5years old when the movie was filmed. Its now been 25 years since Titanic hit the big screens but his still getting paid. Reece Thompson, who is best known for his role in the Titanic as the ‘Irish little boy’ has shared that he’s still making money from the role – despite it […]

The band, led by Dave Grohl, will headline three US festivals this summer – Boston Calling and Sonic Temple in May, followed by Bonnaroo in June. The announcement comes shortly after the group said they would continue to play together following Hawkins’ death. The star was found unresponsive in his hotel room last March, shortly […]