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Country music legend Dolly Parton stole the show during her halftime performance at the game between the Cowboys and the Washington Commanders. At 77years young she wowed the ground with her performance. Dressed as a member of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad, Parton captivated the AT&T Stadium crowd as well the national TV audience. Parton sang her hit […]

We can’t tell if the person who invented this is a genius, or something else.

16 year old Mika from Fiji who recently arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland to play with the Wolves Rugby Club was unaware that Edinburgh  Rugby has what they call “Club Appreciation Night” where they take time to show appreciation to other clubs and players. Someone from Mika’s club reached out to Edinburgh to see if they […]

Are the monkeys getting smarter or are we getting dumber?      

Shameful scenes unfolded last night in the gold medal match between Fiji and Samoa as a brawl broke out between multiple players and what looks like a Samoan team official.

Congratulations Hansel and to his cousin Daniel Young who won silver in the 50m freestyle.

Well, kind of. Whilst there never was a doll that looked like and was named Annabelle, there is however a well documented case of a doll which the movies are loosely based on. Below, paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren holds the original Annabelle doll, a “possessed” Raggedy Ann that began terrorizing her owner in 1970. Allegedly, […]

As we approach the one year anniversary of the 2022 elections a locally made documentary from filmmakers Dave Lavaki, Meli Tuqota, Jastinder Kaur and Shirley van Der Maarel is set for release. WATCH the trailer now:

Ever since the release of their ep IO the boys of Inside Out have been busy. Very busy. A few weeks ago they were in the USA and now they are in China. Check them out doing an impromptu music video of Vesumona one of the songs from the album.  

  While there has been no public acknowledgement which really comes as no surprise with World Rugby often reluctant to openly admit their mistakes, there has apparently been a concession made by rugby’s governing body that the Aaron Smith try should have stood instead of eventually being disallowed despite 4 phases having passed by then.  […]