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From returning to the sky to fly for another airline, to being recycled for parts or moving to an aircraft boneyard, the possibilities for retired aircraft are seemingly endless. Some have been converted into restaurants, museums, cafes and even party venues. But this private jet turned luxury villa, located on a clifftop on the Indonesian […]

A woman was speechless and took to tik tok to air her frustrations about what her landlord was to be charging her. She was allowed to have a pet but would have to pay a one time fee of $200. Then the ‘no aggressive breeds’ was activated and that’s not all there was to be […]

Imagine living in a treehouse that’s a plane. Located in canopy of the jungle in the Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and regularly visited by friendly monkeys. The Boeing 727 treehouse has 2 rooms and 2 bathrooms. Perched on a custom-built platform the treehouse has a view of the […]

It was named the most expensive suite in the world Guinness Book of Records in 1977, costing $2,500 a night. The hotel itself remains in operation under the Wyndham brand, but the penthouse seems to have been closed to overnight guests since the 1990s. The suite has had guests such as the king of rock […]

  A treasure trove of more than 260 gold coins discovered by a couple beneath their kitchen floor during renovations has sold for £754,000 at auction. The collection, found under a home in Ellerby, East Yorkshire in 2019, was spotted inside a pot hidden underneath concrete and 18th Century floorboards. The auction house, which said […]

You know I’ve seen a lot of celebrity houses on Architectural Digest but let me say that Naomi Campbell’s house in Kenya is next level! I love that she kept it very open and true to the country of Kenya, also most of the furniture are local pieces which I think is fantastic! Take a […]