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It turns out that Annabelle, that doll from The Conjuring is real

Written by on November 22, 2023

Well, kind of. Whilst there never was a doll that looked like and was named Annabelle, there is however a well documented case of a doll which the movies are loosely based on. Below, paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren holds the original Annabelle doll, a “possessed” Raggedy Ann that began terrorizing her owner in 1970. Allegedly, Annabelle would change positions during the night while her owner slept and start popping up in different rooms throughout the apartment, all on her own. One day, a friend was taking a nap in the apartment, and, when he woke up, Annabelle was staring at him and he had the feeling he was being strangled before noticing claw marks down his torso.

All we know is, if we saw either doll we would run the other way as fast as possible. Check out the video below of the real Lorraine Warren talking about her work.

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