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Flip Flop Fix

Written by on January 11, 2022

Flip flops come in many different styles, sizes, varieties, brands and colours. But for the most part, many of us have at least one pair and some have more than one.

But like anything, there is always wear and tear and there comes a time when we have to get a new pair. However, there are times when something happens to your favourite pair of flip flops and you are not ready to replace them or part with them.

What does one do?

Well, you fix it of course. My friends have been fixing their flip flops with straps, duct tape or coloured tape as long as it holds the snapped flip flop so it can do its job and still looks cool.

According to them, i have started a revolution.

After encouraging a friend to strap up her black flip flops that snapped on the way to training another one sends me a photo of what she has done to her snapped pair of flip flop.

So if you snapped your flip flop don’t throw it away just find some tape and tape it up and you can use it for a while longer.




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