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Too often, a catchy song gets stuck in our head. You know the kind where there’s barely any English spoken, but that doesn’t bother us. We just sing along, not fully knowing what’s being said.

Take, for example, Chaka Demus & Pliers’ “Murder She Wrote.” There are only a handful of words in that song that I’ll sing along to in English, fully belting out “Murder She Wrote” when the chorus comes up, then back to the gibberish I mumble to fill in the blanks.

It seems I am not alone in mumbling gibberish to fill in the blanks, but there’s gibberish and then there’s this guy who uses words that have no business hanging out and throws them together to make “Despacito” easy to sing (in English).

Yeah, it’s easy to sing.

However, he doesn’t make it easier to understand – the words are nonsensical, but they work. If you play it on loop, you can cram them faster.

The next time you hear “Despacito,” you’ll be ripping it like a Spanish-speaking pro.

I highly recommend you bust this out at the next mix you’re having, it can be your new party trick.

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