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Written by on January 15, 2022

After an expensive trip to the vet, man learns his limping dog was

only copying him out of sympathy

Dogs are really man’s best friend.

In an incredible display of affection and sympathy, a dog imitates his injured owner and goes viral. The pair became famous on social media after the owner shared the heartwarming moment online. However, what initially was a reason to worry for the man, proved to be nothing but an act of solidarity from the pooch.

The dog’s owner hurt his ankle and has been limping around. The owner noticed one afternoon on their usual walk that the dog was limping so he rushed him to the vet. After scans and X-rays and $400 later the vet insisted there was nothing wrong with the pooch. Turns out the dog was limping in solidarity with the owner.


The owner’s wife caught the dog red-handed (or red -pawed should I say) running around the backyard and casually strolling into the house without a limp.  The lovely footage of Jones with his dog by his side copying him went viral on social media gaining lots of reaction from all over the world. “He’s copying you. That’s brilliant! Though you have my sympathy for the vets bill,” one person wrote. While another one added: “He’s come out in sympathy with you! Speedy recovery to both of you.”

This is such a sweet and intelligent dog.

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