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Kristiana Uluwai shares her “taxi driver drama” story.

Written by on December 5, 2023

Caught in a taxi drama!
Two taxis stopped for me this morning.
Taxi 1 had passengers and said that he was going to drop his passengers off and had asked me to wait for him. I didn’t know Taxi 2, parked right behind taxi 1 was empty and had also stopped for me. I politely said isaaa I’ve already told the other taxi that I’ll wait might he come back.
He was angry(don’t know what for when I didn’t hail him down) and drove off!
I waited for about 10 minutes but taxi 1 didn’t show up 🙄so I started waving down any cab I see.
Well well well what can I say…..Taxi 2 had so much time on his hand that he came back down our street, I didn’t know it was the same taxi so I waved it down… slowed down right in front of me and than told me to wait for Taxi 1 before driving away🤬
The clip below is him driving past me a 3rd time trying to prove his point😂😂
PS: Taxi 1 never came back😩

Tis’ the season to be petty apparently!

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