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Written by on September 28, 2021


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When it comes to scary movies there are a couple of things it needs to get right to qualify as good.

These are:

  • Jump Scares – Unexpected thing happens on screen
  • The light factor – Are the lights on or off during the viewing of said film
  • Moral Support – Do you need someone there to hold your hand during the movie
  • Sleep – Will you be able to fall right off to sleep after or will all the lights in the house be turned on

Back in 2020 founded the Science of Scare Project. A way to scientifically find the scariest movie based on what gets people’s hearts pumping.

They found out in the debut or the 2020 edition that the 2012 movie Sinister was the scariest movie of all time.

For their 2021 edition, they decided to up the ante by showing the top 40 scary movies to their 250 “victims” and hooked them up to heart rate monitors because Science eh. They then watched the 40 movies over several weeks, under medical and researcher supervision.

The low-budget Host was shot entirely on Zoom for 12 weeks, with a runtime of 56 minutes but in that time it increased heart rates by an average of 24 BPM, and the chart below documents that.

Here’s the list of movies and their rankings according to the 250 ‘victims’ who braved watching them over several weeks.

Here is the trailer for Host:

After checking out the trailer now I want to watch it.

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