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UK Woman Sets Guinness Record for Most Chicken Nuggets Eaten in a Minute

Written by on April 5, 2022

Have you ever looked at chicken nuggets and think to yourself; “how many can I fit in my mouth” or “how fast can you put it away?” No? Well, fair enough neither has the average Mereoni. But maybe it’s time we start asking these questions and start set records of our own.

Leah Shutkever is 31 years old and lives in the UK. She is a competitive eater like no other and has like 27 world records with this one being the latest addition. Leah managed to eat  19 nuggets in 60seconds breaking the previous record. In 2020 Leah ate 770.1 grams of nuggets in 3minutes. She broke the record snatching the title from Thomas Welborn who ate 746 grams of nuggets in three minutes. That wasn’t the only incredible thing she did, she went on to break a total of 20 records within the year 2020.

Here’s the video of her setting the record for the number of chicken nuggets eaten in a minute.

Well, now I’m curious to know if anyone has set the record for the most number of bilo of yaqona consumed in 5minutes. Would you dare try to set it?

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