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Amazon Secretly Testing It’s Drone Delivery Services

Written by on April 5, 2022

Prime Air is a drone delivery service currently in development by Amazon. Operations were expected to begin in select cities starting late 2019.

The service uses delivery drones to autonomously fly individual packages to customers within 30 minutes of ordering. To qualify for 30-minute delivery, the order must be less than 5 pounds (2.25  kg), must be small enough to fit in the cargo box that the craft will carry, and must have a delivery location within a 10-mile (16  km) radius of a participating Amazon order fulfillment center.

 In late 2020 the company, along with 9 others was selected by the Federal Aviation Administration to participate in a type certification program for delivery drones.

Last week, Amazon Prime Air announced that they have secretly been testing it’s Drone Delivery program and plans to drop packages from the sky to 1300 customers this year.

Imagine if this service was available in Fiji, we’re still trying to get use to the idea of online shopping and cashless payments and now you want to introduce automated delivery drones.

I guess we have a lot of catching up to do!

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