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The BEST Restaurant In London…That Never Existed

Written by on May 17, 2023

This HAS to be one of the craziest stories of all time. In 2018, an English freelance author named Oobah Butler was getting paid as much as $13 per review for writing fake reviews for restaurants for the website TripAdvisor

After doing all the necessary things to register, The Shed at Dulwich was born! Butler was determined to stand out as much as possible just to see how far he could take this prank. Starting off with a really fancy, unique menu

And then he started posting pics of the actual food but of course, seeing as the whole thing was fake, so were the food pics

He also began writing reviews and made sure to space them out so it didn’t get flagged

Eventually, his friends and families all got in on it and eventually The Shed at Dulwich a completely fake restaurant went from the 18,994th most popular restaurant in London all the way to the NUMBER 1 ranked restaurant in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world!

Butler staged a genuine opening night for the restaurant, serving thinly-disguised £1 to ten customers. Having been blindfolded and then led down the alley past his house to the end of the garden and the shed, some said they wanted to come back and would recommend it.

Eventually, Butler would reveal the whole thing and “shut” The Shed At Dulwich down!


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