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Only 90s Kids Will Know This Struggle!!

Written by on February 15, 2022

Today if you need the lyrics to a particular song all you do is go online and presto, it’s on your screen within a blink of an eye. We were so lucky back in the day but it was fun getting it though.

This TikTok video took me back to the bulk of my teen years the only part missing from the video was when recording your favourite song while it’s playing on the radio. The lightning-fast fingers needed to start and stop the recording to make sure you don’t get the announcer’s voice on the song or the intro of the next song in the recording. lol


Kids these days will never know the struggle. #90sthrowback #cassette #backintheday #millennialsoftiktok #lyrics #fy

♬ original sound – JFernandez81


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