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Valentines is a Week Long Celebration – We’ve Been Doing It Wrong!!!

Written by on February 14, 2022

Love is a wonderful, unconditional feeling and come February, people all over the world look forward to Valentine’s Day with anticipation.

However, Valentine’s Day celebrations are a fairly new thing in Fiji. So I guess we can be forgiven if we didn’t know that we’ve been doing it wrong for the last couple of years. So Valentines is actually a week-long thing, with each day having you perform a different act of love accompanied by a gift.

The week starts on February 7 and ends on February 14. It starts with Rose Day, followed by Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and culminates in Valentine’s Day.

Here’s what the various days of Valentine’s Week signify:

1) February 7: Rose Day

On this day, people exchange roses as a gesture of love and respect. Roses come in different colours and each of them, again, has a specific meaning. For instance, red means an expression of love, while yellow suggests a request for friendship.

2) February 8: Propose Day

It is celebrated as the day when people propose to the one person they love the most. It is usually the day when people express their love to their crush without hesitation.

3) February 9: Chocolate Day

Whether your proposal is accepted or turned down, do not forget to pamper the person with a box of chocolates. It is said that for couples, Chocolate Day is the sweetest day of the year.

4) February 10: Teddy Day

Gift a nice, cuddly teddy bear to your partner on this day. The idea, many say, is to give something to your partner to hug in your absence.

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5) February 11: Promise Day

To cement their relationship, people make or are asked to make one promise on this day that they will always keep.

6) February 12: Hug Day

Nothing could be a better fix for a relationship than a tight jhappi (embrace). Try it out, people appreciate getting loved and wanted.

7) February 13: Kiss Day

Once you have fixed your relationship, what better way to seal it with a kiss.

8) February 14: Valentine’s Day

This is the culmination of the week-long celebration with dinner dates and other romantic gestures


After reading all this, I understand the teddy bear, rose and chocolates that they always use as Valentines day gifts.

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