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Meet Jin, She’s Cycling Around the World And Fiji is On The List!

Written by on June 19, 2022

It was just another day of exploring the internet when I stumbled up this video on YouTube and just like that I went down the rabbit hole and I’m still in it.

So quick story about the girl who’s been cycling around the world since 2011. Jin is from South Korea, here she is pictured below in Canada in 2011, experiencing the Northern Lights. That pretty much was where the birth of her idea of cycling around the world started.

Being that she loved looking at the night sky and is very much in love with nature and the outdoors. She felt the need to explore our home, or planet earth as we know it.

She choose to do cycle around the world because for her, a car is too fast and walking is too slow. Cycling was the right pace for her to explore the world . And I for one am glad that she did this, because through her videos, I got see Fiji through her eyes and it’s not scripted or staged. Everything is very authentic and raw. Simply refreshing watching her Fiji adventures.

Here’s one of her videos.


She has traveled with her bicycle through North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania. So as of now, I am following her on her journey through our beloved homeland “Fiji”.


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