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Written by on December 6, 2023

Ludacris let his creative juices flow with ‘Karma’s World’. He took the challenges his daughter faced in school and turned it into a cartoon to help others combat the same challenges.

The animation ‘Karma’s World’ named after Ludacris’ daughter, Karma, is aimed towards helping kids cope with bullying, body shaming, and other things.

Ludacris and daughter Karma. PHOTO: PRINCE WILLIAMS/FILMMAGIC









Karma said she considers the show a love letter to her and other people who are going through things that bring them down.

The series features a girl named Karma and it uses music to express challenges children face as they work through their feelings.

Karma’s World is now streaming on Netflix








Karma said her father has been working on this for over a decade.

“He’s been working on this over 10 years now and it’s definitely something I feel so privileged to be able to see. Really start from just an idea to now – what it has become,” said Karma.

She said it started out as a website where Karma could express herself through songs.

“He set aside studio times for me to go in and actually sing about things that were happening in my life,” said Karma.

Now, it’s four seasons of episodes that deal with a multitude of things, including bullying and body shaming.


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