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Fijian Company Acquires Its First Electric Vehicle

Written by on August 24, 2022


Local company Fiji Chemicals marked an interesting milestone in its history when it acquired its first fully electric vehicle.  As noted on their page:

1 month ago we acquired our first Electric Vehicle (EV) from Leaf Capital. It is a Nissan Leaf and it does about 200km per full charge.
Leaf Capital installed a supercharger at Mana Coffee – Fiji which charges the EV from 0-80% in about 30mins. The vehicle comes with its own slow charger which takes about 8hours if you charge it over night at home.
Some real world data for the month:
2134 km travelled
$135 in charging fees.
Normally we would have paid about $800 in fuel
Those are some major savings and good on Fiji Chemicals for leading the way. Here’s hoping more companies and individuals follow suit.

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