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Exotic foods from around the world

Written by on May 2, 2022

Everywhere around the globe certain places are known for their unique dishes and delicacies native to its region.

Some are so exotic that even the thought of them being eaten can be pretty questionable. But lets not dwell on that and lets go through a few of them.

100 year old Eggs(Hong Kong)

One of china’s finest food delicacies, the 100 years old egg isn’t really 100 years old but still will be a test of how really adventurous you are when it comes to eating exotically. The 100-year-old egg is purposefully rotten with months of preservation in a mixture of lime and clay which makes the egg turn into an appalling green shade and then ready to be eaten.

Deep Fried Tarantula (Thailand)

If you have a fear of spiders then this just might be your worst nightmare or maybe a chance of revenge, the deep-fried tarantula is a delicious exotic appetizer very common in Thailand as a street food snack, so if you are hungry and in a rush grab a fried tarantula.

Fried Silkworm(Thailand)

Another culinary delicacy of Thailand is the fried silkworms,  covered in chocolate and also in a sweet and sour flavor served with soy sauce, noodles and also with pineapple chunks, definitely something to remember this one.

Balut Duck Fetus(Philippine’s)

If you thought that eating an insect was a lot, now imagine eating a fetus, particularly a duck fetus. Well just thinking about it can upset my stomach but apparently, in the Philippines, this is what they call living life in a grand style. If you love baby ducks then this one is not for you.

Now if you were to have a pick from the above for a meal which would it be? Tough Choice right?


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