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Christmas present shopping made easy: Strap is a sports persons duct tape

Written by on December 1, 2021

Getting the right Christmas present for family and friends is always a hard task. Lots of things to consider like ones budget and obviously would they like the present or have you just wasted time and money on a gift. While usually, people say it’s the thought that counts and not the gift, the perfect gift really does make all the difference.

This year Christmas present shopping for one of my friends has been made easier. I know exactly what i will get her and i know she will definitely like it.

She is getting “flip flops” Why you ask? Because her flip flops look like this

No joke.

Back story:

About a month ago we were on our way to training and our bus broke down. So yes we all got off and pushed the bus and her flip flops were the casualty for this exercise. A month later and today i saw her rock up to training with the same flip flops strapped up.

Strap is a sports person duct tape.

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