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Broccolatte anyone?

Written by on June 13, 2022

So we have all heard of Boba Tea and all sorts of lattes and whatnot. But have you heard of Broccolatte?

I know even the name sounds interesting and you must be curious about it as well.

Well let me tell you more about it. The scientists at Australia’s chief research organization, CSIRO, created a broccoli powder to address poor nutrition and food waste. It’s made from whole broccoli, and “produced using a combination of selected pre-treatment and drying processes to retain the natural color, flavor and nutrient composition of fresh broccoli.”

The powder is used in a variety of food and drinks—including your morning cuppa. With just two tablespoons to equal one full serving of vegetables, we can’t think of an easier way to get our greens in!

You’d have to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind powder first, but after that, it’s pretty easy—all you have to do is stir a spoonful or two into your latte, and voila! You’ve got broccoli coffee—or as they like to call it, a “Broccolatte.”


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