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The reason why September by Earth Wind & Fire is in a league of its own. After watching them breakdown this song I’m just mindblown at all the elements that go into making this song what it is.

The original movie was a huge success around the world when it came out in 2000. During an interview for his latest movie, The Duel, Ridley Scott, let slip that the sequel for Gladiator has already been written. When asked when we can expect it he said: It’s already written. It will follow Napoleon. The […]

  When it comes to scary movies there are a couple of things it needs to get right to qualify as good. These are: Jump Scares – Unexpected thing happens on screen The light factor – Are the lights on or off during the viewing of said film Moral Support – Do you need someone […]

I understand that the whole effect of “wind in your hair is sexy” but to what extent will you go to get it. Well, social media famous Esthalla Ortiz recently took to her Instagram to give us an insight as to how to get it done… especially with the kids at home. My only question […]

Call Me Maybe has been labeled by many critics as the “new perfect pop song” for its catchy hook and was also able to make it to the Best Songs of 2021 list for Rolling Stones and Pitchfork. What catapulted its popularity, even more, was when pop stars like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Katy […]

After being given a week to comply with the “no jab no job” vaccination policy, some construction workers were very unhappy with that decision and decided to protest it. Unfortunately, some of those protests turned violent. This is melbourne right now. Got voted top 10 safest city in the world on Sunday. Fast forward to […]

Early this month Facebook & Ray-Ban released the latest smart glasses – Ray-Ban Stories with Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg said, “we believed for a long time that glasses are going to be an important part of building the next computing platform when unlocking a whole new set of experiences for people.” You know Zuckerberg makes some […]

When I read the headline that Harrison Ford punched Ryan Gosling in the face I was intrigued and thought to myself well he’s still got it but I’ve never heard of Harrison Ford behaving like this ever. But it turns out that it was all an accident. They were on the set of Blade Runner 2049 when […]

People who can draw are among the most talented people around. We came across such a person drawing 2 young women. Just your average instant art video. But watch the whole video for the twist. — No Context Humans (@HumansNoContext) September 19, 2021

I was today years old when I found out that Gabriel Union was also an author. Her third book is out and she shares a lot about her personal life in it. In the book Got Anything Stronger she touches on issues like going through IVF treatment to dealing with accepting the fact that you […]