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When You Find Out That Your Nephew Is the One in the video everyone was takin about!

Written by on April 10, 2022

When I first watched the video I was like “oh my goodness this boy is such a character” also the urge to have a family function was real, like I wanted someone to get married immediately or celebrate their 21st birthday, even a pre-“anything” celebration would suffice.

Anyways, as we do every time we stumble on an entertaining video, you automatically look to your closed circle to share it with them. My nearest and dearest got a copy of said video.

Well would you know it that when the video hit the family chat group, they had already seen it and knew the back story! Turned out that the video that got me into such a vibe was taken an my nephews wedding and his cousin (my other nephew) was the cartoon character dancing along to the bands rendition of Saimone Vuatalevu’s song “Tucake Mai” and I was the last to know!

Here’s the video that I was talking about:


Sobe Sobeee!!!!! 😂🕺💃 fyp fijitiktok purpleuro🤣😜 fypシ

♬ original sound – Keresi Naureure

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