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Toad Migration in the UK

Written by on March 26, 2022

I’ve heard of Geese and other birds and animals that migrate but never Toads.

Now a stretch of road in London has been closed to traffic for more than 3 weeks now to allow toads to cross safely to ponds where they breed.

A 400-meter section of church road in Ham near Richmond is blocked to all motorists till the beginning of April so the creatures don’t get squished on their annual migration.

“Toad Patrol” volunteers man the road which goes through a leafy stretch of Richmond park at night. But the entre remains blocked off all day. And locals have been heaping praise on the conservation initiative.

A charity which is part of this called Charity Froglife which is responsible for recruiting volunteers, says the road which is one of the many across Britain that take part in the eco-conscious project is among the handful that remains completely blocked off to traffic.

The closure began on March 7 and is due to remain in place until April 1.

A council road traffic order has been issued to block the road.

Absolutely love this conservation effort by the UK government .

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