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Written by on October 11, 2023

19-year-old India Castley has been on a diet of raw meat since last year. According to India since switching her diet to raw meat only she has lost 5kg and her acne problem has cleared up.
She eats only raw meat and has excluded vegetables from her diet for good.

According to scientists this isn’t a safe diet at all neither is it safe. Switching to such a controversial carnivorous lifestyle lacks fiber and antioxidants, while also being high in fat and cholesterol, according to scientists.

“For breakfast I tend to have raw steak with a bit of raw liver and my raw dairy. For a snack I have beef liver crisps or heart crisps. This is rare, I try not to snack unless I am very hungry.

“This changes day to day. I could have liver or kidney. I do also enjoy boiled eggs or raw eggs. Cheese and milk is a must for me too.

“Homemade bone broth too! It’s a good source of electrolytes. I do not touch vegetables due to the anti-nutrients and irritants.”

India’s weekly food shop, which includes steak, eggs and dairy products, comes to approximately £150.

She continued: “People would assume carnivore is pricey but absolutely not. I’d say people spend more on take outs and fast food than carnivore food.”

Besides her weight loss and no more acne, India says the clearest benefit she has experienced is her mood.

Would you ever try this teens diet of just raw meat? Personally, I would never.

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