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Written by on April 22, 2023

She’s so hooked that she carries a tattoo machine around with her to do more when inspiration strikes.
Now Melissa, from Wales, has been told she looks like a bank robber as none of her original skin is on show, so it’s almost like she’s always in disguise.
Melissa said: “When I walk into the bank they look at me like I’m going to rob the bank – they’re all scared.

“It feels like they think you’re going rob them. I’m walking in and everyone just stays still and they’re all frightened.
As if I’d want to rob a bank anyway – I’d get noticed straight away.”

Melissa is now in the process of changing her name to Missy – a nickname given to her by her late mother, but to do so she’ll have to visit the bank.

“If I change my name to Missy I’m going to have to go to the bank, it’s going to be a hassle,” she added.

When she’s not scaring bankers or being heckled on the street, the mum continues to be trolled on Facebook and TikTok for flaunting her tattoos.

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