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Story of the Travelling Sneakers

Written by on December 10, 2021

Sneakers got their name because they made very little noise while walking and you could literally sneak up on someone and they would not know you were behind them.

Now anyone that knows me knows i love sneakers and i have different colours, lengths and styles of sneakers. I have a huge collection and i basically use it like someone uses a pair of flip flops.

So Victoria from LegendFM Breakfast asked me for a pair of sneakers last week so she could use them for one of the events at the SJSS Jubilee Celebrations.

Today she sends me this photo earlier this evening to tell me that although i am not there my sneakers are,  so it is sorta the same thing.

This photo is from the Music Festival at Royal Suva Yacht Club that LegendFM is a part of.

So now the only questions i am asking are:

  1. When am i going to get my sneakers back?
  2. Will i get my sneakers back or is it going on an adventure without me again?
  3. Where to next?

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