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LegendFM Remember This – TV COMMERCIALS From the 90s

Written by on March 17, 2022

In Fiji, television was introduced in the 90s. Do you remember the first thing you watched on TV? Yes? No?

Well, I vaguely remember watching something to do with the royal family. Anyways we can go on discussing that forever, we’d probably even debate the timeline of tv programs, etc. But let’s be honest, as a kid the one thing that would capture our attention would be the tv commercials.

I stumbled upon this a few days back and it brought back the nostalgia of being a 90s kid. My mind went to what was sold in our school canteen when I was in primary school, it reminded me of getting my hair platted by my older sister and how it used to hurt lol. All my favorite and not so favourite memories of my childhood came flooding back, almost bringing me to tears.

So let’s see how many of you can remember these commercials:

This one is one of the greats!!! Hearing this tune made me say “isa” .

Ok this next one, when we made a car fly!!!

Alright here’s the last one!!! My favourite was the scene with Ravi Sharma being stuck on the bus to Ba, lol


What was your favourite tv commercial from your childhood that I don’t have here?

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