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How To Pick A Good User Name for Social Media

Written by on January 18, 2022

I remember the first time I signed onto social media, it was MySpace but that didn’t last long for me, cause as soon as I joined, Bebo started trending and I jumped ship. I remember stressing about my Bebo username after signing up. The reason was my friends on Bebo had unique names and I was jealous. I learnt to be ok with just my name after a while.

However, if you’ve been thinking about revamping your social media accounts and want to use a unique name. Here are some rules :

How To Pick A Username For Social Media

  1. Use an initial – If your real name is already taken, the first thing you can try is to use an initial. You can use the initials of your first name, last name or your middle initial to make your social media username unique.
  2. Use determiners – Determiners, like the words ‘the’, ‘this’ and ‘that’, can be used to turn your duplicate username into a unique standout.
  3. Use your career – Your name + your career = Brand You! Are you a Chef ? Try @chefIsimeliBola. A wellness coach? How about @FitMelindaThomas?
  4. Use an underscore – You could also try using an underscore in your username in case it’s already taken. You could use one or two underscores like one at the start or in the middle, or one at the end.
  5. Use your nickname – If your name is super long and it’s hard to spell or remember, use your nickname.
  6. Add the word ‘real’ or ‘official’ – For example, if it turns out that your name usernames on Facebook and YouTube aren’t that unique You could also add ‘real’  or ‘official’ to your username to separate you from the fake accounts out there, like @realDonaldTrump.
  7. Add the words ‘I AM’ or ‘IM’ – Use them before your name to create a unique username, just like American rapper and actress Queen Latifah’s Twitter handle @IAMQUEENLATIFAH.
  8. Add the word ‘its’ – Adding the word ‘its’ could help you create a distinctive username just like @its_reallymeTecaR or @itsmenickysmithy.
  9. Use your website – If your website ends with a ‘.com’ or ‘.org’, you could spell out those words and add a ‘dotcom’ or a ‘dotorg’ at the end of your username. It’s also a great way to direct people to your website.

Hope this helps you now go forth and let the creative juices flow.


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