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Hollywood Hates Henry?

Written by on December 17, 2022

When News broke that Everyone’s favorite Man crush, Henry Cavill, won’t return for The Witcher Season 4, a resounding gasp of disbelief could be felt around the world. 

This News was a biter pill to swallow, but there was some relief when the Witcher of our Hearts took to Instagram to give us this.


If we couldn’t have “Daddy Henry Cavill” as the Witcher, at least we’d have him as Superman.

Things started to look hopeful, we reasoned our loss of a Witcher with gaining a Superman.

Swapping swords for a tight form fitting anatomy hugging bodysuit.

But like the Fire nation attack in Avatar the Last Air Bender, things were about to change.

And kind of like in Avatar the last Air Bender, when the world wanted him the most He “Vanished”.

This sudden “take back” by the Directors of Superman “Dawn of hope renewed” seems as if someone has it out for Cavill.

Could Hunky Henry be black listed over the concerns he raised with the direction the Witcher was taking.

Only time will tell.

Until then, Look up there!

Is it a Bird?

Is it a plane?

Noooooooooo…’s my interest in the New Witcher and Superman disappearing.

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