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Disney’s New heart-warming Christmas ad celebrating step-parents

Written by on November 18, 2021

Firstly, I had no idea that Walt Disney did Christmas adverts every year and I don’t know why I’m surprised by it, it’s Christmas!!! With it drawing near, we’re basically already in the festive season.

Everything Christmas themed is already up in our faces from movies to Christmas albums to decorations. So this Disney Christmas advert is no different.

I have to warn you though if you cry easily then grab a box of tissues because you’ll need them when watching this year’s Disney Christmas advert.

“The Stepdad” is the name of this year’s Disney advert, which will get you in the holiday spirit.

It did a lot more for me, this 3minute plus video hit so close to home, I felt as if it was my story being told.

Here’s the video:


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