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Written by on February 7, 2023

There’s good design. There’s bad design. Then there is ‘design design,’ the kind that is intresting to the point of being weird to one asking what was the designer thinking.

Take this for example. Wall power switch with in built extension cord. I could use this.

Stacked sitting at a restaurant. Not sure if it will work but looks ok to me.

What about swinging chairs in the conference room for meetings. Bosses may not like it but some employees would find it fun and maybe just take away the stress of meetings .

Then there are designs that make no sense or are just not practical. Take these cutlery designs for instance. How is anyone going to use these.

But sometimes I think some thought was actually put into new designs. Fancy these to pack your lunch or snacks in .

It just might deter thieves.

Designs there are the good, the bad and the weird.


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