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Written by on May 20, 2024

Bernadette Kaulotu Suiqa,

From performing at family weddings and get togethers to gracing the world stage. This is a story of a young girl whose passion for performing arts made all her dreams come true.

How it all started

Bernadette Kaulotu Suiqa hails from Nadakuni, Naitasiri with maternal links to Nukubalavu, Savusavu.  The 28-year-old is currently a dance teacher in El Paso, Texas and is also a Content Manager.

Bernadette’s videos have gone viral on the social media platform, tiktok for her dances as well as her journey to different parts of the world representing Fiji in dance.

” I’ve been dancing since I was really young where me, my siblings and my cousins took part in performing for numerous occasions like weddings and birthdays” she shared.

Bernadette performing for her grandmother’s birthday in 2015

Things changed in high school as she participated in Tadra Kahani representing Scared Heart College (previously known as Cathedral Secondary School). A realization settled in that dance was her calling.

The winning Picture

Bernadette takes center stage as a cheerleader during her 2012 Tadra Kahani performance.

A year after leaving high school, she joined Vou Dance. Her passion grew as well as her knowledge and skills in the different techniques that would allow her to tell stories on stage.

A young artist awaiting to blossom into a beautiful flower. A shot of the beginning of Bernadette’s journey with Vou.

She also dabbled in artwork and singing but dance was her calling.

The performance that got her a scholarship with Vou.








As she grew with Vou, she also broadened her horizons traveling to Germany, Switzerland, China and America. “I was able to set foot in countries I never imagined” she said.

Bernadette’s first official trip to Shanghai, China.

Her first international performance with her fellow Vou dancers.

Bernadette shared a particular assignment that she holds dear to her heart. A story of her father “he is originally from the Solomon Islands but born and raised in Fiji”. After doing research on her family background, she discovered that her love for dance runs on the family. Her paternal grandfather was also a dancer who was mesmerizing to watch. “I was able to grasp such beautiful concepts and techniques used in their cultural dance to showcase.”

Bernadette sharing tales of her father and grandfather through dance.








She attributes her success to her high school teacher for supporting her through the Tadra Kahani as well as her Vou mentors who believed in her and inspired her to be the artist that she is today.



In 2018, Bernadette went on a Europe tour with Adriel and Akuila aka the Tuinz















However, it hasn’t always been a walk in the park for Bernadette. She faced challenges and was told  that dancing is not a job. “ridiculed by a few of those who don’t understand dance” she shared and she also had to balance her personal and dance life. Through it all, these challenges has made her more confident and face each battle with a positive attitude.

Confidently taking Fiji to the world through dance. Bernadette posing in Germany as a part of her Europe tour.












While on her tour, Bernadette was able to reunite with her older in London sister after 10 years. A reunion she never dreamed could happen. It’s one thing to have family visit you at home but, this was extra special for as she was making the trip.

The long awaited reunion.










When asked about her views on performing arts in Fiji, Bernadette said “It has definitely improved from when I first started. The level of dance skill and technique that I’ve seen so far has been amazing. I’ve also witnessed so many dance companies in Fiji, and the impact it has in Fiji’s Tourism industry.”

Bernadette managed to secure a 2 year contract in Schengen, China. She was overjoyed as she was able to prove critics wrong and earn with her passion. 2 years turned in to 4 due to the COVID19 pandemic which meant that she was to be away from home longer and her life changed quite dramatically. From exploring her new temporary home to lockdowns, restricted movements, barricaded walls and the yearning for home. She however, is grateful that she had a whole team of Fijian and international dancers that never made her feel alone.

























The 28-year-old has also ventured in to the world of jewelry making. “I just  wanted to try something new besides dancing to keep my mind off of things. I just thought Why not make my own jewelry” she said. A new passion was discovered. When she is not in the dance studio teaching a class, she is at home making jewelry for which she has received immense support. “Every time I make jewelry, I think of how my mum used to make earrings and I used to go around and sell them. My mom definitely inspired me and installed this creative persona that is who I am today” she beautifully stated.

” Once you start to pursue this with passion, you’ll get better and hopefully that will lead to more opportunities”












She advises lovers of performing arts to pursue their love for passion. “Don’t overthink and try it out.” With all the new performing arts institutions we now have access to, pursuing this will provide great opportunities beyond your imagination.

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