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Written by on May 9, 2023

Jessica Caldwell reports to be raking in over £7,000 a month solely through social media by reading tarot cards to celebrities and Babestation models.

Jessica, quit her beauty job after experiencing ‘spiritual awakenings’ when scrolling through popular social media app Instagram during a shift as a nail technician.

Her love for witchcraft and crystals instantly blossomed after she purchased fitting books online and discovered her talent for reading tarot cards.

After she set up an Instagram account in January 2021, Jessica was instantly bombarded with requests for readings after promoting her white witch and reading tarot card services

Since launching her account over two years ago, Jessica now has over 5,000 clients – several of whom are celebrities and friends.

The full-time witch, from Swansea, Wales, said: “I’ve always been a witch. I just never had the tools to utilise my power until now.

“Intuition is a powerful tool that I never realised I used in my daily life. Now I utilise it within my readings with complete strangers.

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