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A guide to Eurovision.

Written by on May 15, 2022

The Eurovision Song Contest, often known simply as Eurovision, is an international song writing competition organized annually by the European Broadcasting Union, featuring participants representing primarily European countries.

I describe Eurovision as “a reality singing show on steroids”

Some past winners of Eurovision include Celine Deon and Abba.

So, if you never activity followed Eurovision, you’ve indirectly “met” some of the best artists to come out of the Contest.

And to peek your interest, here’s somewhere to start.

Once you’ve watch EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: The Story Of Fire Saga.

You can go on and watch Past years performances on you YouTube.

I’d recommend starting from Eurovision 2010 and working your way forward.

Here’s a clip of this year’s winner.

And here is the runner up from the UK, Sam Ryder.

If your wondering why Sam Ryder looks familiar, that’s because in the last 2 years he has gone viral in TickTok.

Now hopefully, you’ll leave here having caught the “Eurovision bug”



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