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United Airlines Making History With First Ever Passenger Flight Using 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Written by on January 26, 2022

Just Imagine having Aircrafts all over the world using 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

That would be such an amazing thing for our environment in regards to reducing the Aviation Industry’s carbon footprints.


In December, 100 passengers flying from Chicago to Washington, DC, were the first in the world to do so with one engine running on 100-percent non-petroleum-based sustainable fuel made from sugar water and corn. The fuel is said to burn up to 75 percent cleaner than petroleum-based fuels.

United Airlines has invested millions into (SAF) Sustainable Aviation Fuel, as well as other projects to reduce its carbon footprint.

United Airlines has become a global leader in reducing the aviation industry carbon footprint. In 2016 the carrier became the first to continuously use Sustainable Aviation Fuel in its regular operation mixing it with conventional jet fuel in the same engine.
What an amazing breakthrough for the Aviation Industry don’t you think?

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