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Written by on March 7, 2023

The Japanese are known to be very dedicated and hard working people.
Their are also somethings life style wise that very much set them apart from the rest of the world.

1)When visiting Japan, if you find a blue traffic light instead of green, do not think that something is wrong with your vision! While for the rest of the world, green light means “go” and a red light means “stop,” in Japan, blue is used instead of green due to a strange language quirk. The reason for this is the fact that “midori”, the word for “green” in Japanese, did not exist until the 8th century. Traditionally, the color “ao” or “blue” was used to refer to both blue and green!

2)Vending Machines that sell literally everything.You might have used a vending machine selling chips, snacks, or drinks, but have you ever come across vending machines that sell a new pair of underwear, a mask, hot and fresh pizza, a bouquet of flowers, and much more? Well, in Japan, you can find one just around the corner! Not only are they significant in making everything easily available to the people, but they also give a great side-business opportunity.

3)The Japanese are quite hard-working people, but they also know how to have fun and give time to their families. According to the “Act on Public Holidays,” implemented in 1948, a working day falling in between two public holidays automatically becomes a holiday by default. This additional holiday is also known as a “Citizen’s Holiday.”

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