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The many ways of Food Preservation

Written by on April 25, 2022

As soon as you say to store food people think of Refrigerators and coolers or Tupperware containers.

But we all know there are other ways to store food that was used in earlier times before the invention of coolers and refrigerators.


Burying food might seem like an odd way to keep it fresh, but sticking stuff back in the ground is actually a great way to preserve food. Burying food helps keep it fresh by shielding it from sunlight, oxygen, and warm temperatures.

Before refrigeration was commonplace, cabbages were traditionally buried underground to store them. Some farmers still swear that cabbages that have been buried taste sweeter.

2) Fermenting

About 7,000 years ago, one lucky person ate some questionable produce, decided it was tasty, and discovered the process of fermentation. Or that’s the theory, anyway. Scientists think that our ancestors stumbled accidentally on fermenting which is essentially controlled decay by accident.

When foods are fermented, carbohydrates are converted into alcohol or acids using “good” bacteria.

The awesome thing about fermentation is that you can literally ferment almost anything, and there are a dozen health benefits  to eating fermented foods.

3) Salt Curing

Salt draws the moisture out of food items and prevents spoilage. Salt curing can be done as a dry rub (most often used to preserve ham) or as a brine solution (ideal for preserving cod and other fish).

Great to know we have other ways to have our food preserved when there is a power outage .

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